The Adventures of Ferdinand
Walk4Literacy 2016

One day Ferdinand, the Ostrich, woke up and his human was gone! He decided to get dressed, eat some breakfast of his own eggs, and go adventure to find his human, Calla. He goes to Candyland, first, because he needs to eat more breakfast. He goes to the gingerbread house to look for his other eggs he buried. He finds his eggs, but... The eggs hatched!! Ferdinand and his new ostrich baby friends decided to eat the gingerbread house. While eating the house, Ferdinand and friends meet the evil witch who lives in the gingerbread house. After apologizing for eating her house, Ferdinand and his new friends go to play in Candyland. After playing, Ferdinand and his friends build the witch a new gingerbread house. Then, all of a sudden, the witch turns into an animal... she turns into... an ostrich!! They're all friends with one another, and they get along very well!  They then decide to leave the house, but after looking at it from the outside, decide it needs some remodeling.  Ferdinand and his friends realize they're too tired to remodel, so they decide to eat the house again. 

Ferdinand in Fairytale Town

Ferdinand sees a giant, he runs into a castle and then finds his family in the ballroom. He runs to them and he gives them hugs. They danced, ate Mexican food, and they all fall asleep. They wake up and dance again and eat more Mexican food. He went home and went to sleep, and then he did it all over again. He sang in his sleep. He woke up and ate breakfast. He plays videogames. Ferdinand went to the zoo and saw giraffes. “AHHHHHH, hello,” said Ferdinand to the Cookie Monster. He takes a cookie out of his pocket and eats it. Then he takes a nap and wakes up very angry. Then he ran away. He found a new ostrich. They found themselves in Fairytale Town. He makes a new friend Ash, so he has to find treasures with him. He finds a mineral ball and it is a power source. They discovered that the electricity was the electricity of everything. They let all of the animals in Fairytale Town go and went to Disneyland. At Disneyland they went on lots of rides and swam in a very big pool. In the pool, a whale was being born. The whale was eating a giant red banana. A girl named Felicia walked by and said, “What are you doing?” The whale then made everything in the park come to life including all of the rollercoasters and buildings. They went back to Fairytale Town and one of the rollercoasters slipped on a banana and fell, hurting a bunch of people. Luckily, a cheetah doctor was nearby and made everyone better. Then the cheetah and a lion jumped into a bush of flowers as it started to rain. A boy who was fishing on the moon got his pole stuck on a star. He fell on the star trying to get his pole free and then a shark grabbed it and pulled him into the ocean. He fell into a whale’s blowhole. Inside the whale he ate a lot of ketchup. The whale spat him and all of the ketchup out onto an island where he fished until he became a merman. He swam and found the whale and it took him back to the moon. Once he got to the moon he decided to fall back to Earth. When he came back. He fell to Antarctica and polar bears swam him to Africa. In Africa he took a jeep to get to Europe where he built a rocket-ship in order to get back to the moon. At the moon, he went to a ninja academy and trained to become a ninja master. He had to fight a bunch of bad guys. One bad guy dressed in orange kidnapped his sister, and he had to exchange a ruby to get her back. He knocks on the door, um housekeeping, they open up the door and kicks them and knocks them all out. Opens a chest with the ruby in it. He dashes out the window on a zip-line with all the rubies on to her horse into the sunset. He falls off into a big moat and gets all wet. There are alligators in the moat. He fights the alligators. He beats up the alligators by hitting them with paddles. He runs into a wall and gets hurt. And somebody finds him lying on the floor with a concussion. A medical teacher found him and he helps him to get back to fighting the alligators. One of the alligators turns into a human (a good one). He has amnesia and doesn’t remember anything and goes into a portal. He gets super powers he can’t control and goes to college for fashion. He dresses up fancy. He designs a super hero costume and goes to his friend’s house. His friends want to dress up too. They dress up and go to Halloween. An evil witch comes and turns them into rocks. And then the rocks blow the witch up. And the rocks get blown up too. He finds a crime at a bank and they start shooting at him. Then the witch flies away and never came back. And if she did they will turn the witch into a rock. The witch comes back. Embrace thy destiny and become a boulder. He rolled away to the fence. The boulder turns back into a human and finds his way back home. Ninjas attack him and out of nowhere he super speedily punched all of them. He obliterated all of them with her bare hands. One of the masters who was left tried to defeat him but he stabbed him with a knife. More ninjas come and he keeps punching them too. The ninjas will take him to their sensei. He is going try to get out but he can’t so he calls for help and someone comes to save her and monsters appear. The monsters save him and capture the ninjas. And then everybody gets to eat a big feast made of fish and go to bed. And then a fish wants revenge for eating them all the time so it plots a plan to attack them and the ninjas help the fish. But one of the people heard the plan and got ready to defend themselves. They get ready to fight. They get all of their swords and knives and they walk to the battlefield. They go home and then they eat some more fish. The find a dragon and they eat the it. The dragon eats another dragon. The dragon spits all of the other dragons out. They fight each other. After they ate each other they were sad, so they threw a costume party for the ones they ate and were happy. 


Congratulations to the Walk4Literacy writers of Off the Grid: Crocker Museum

The Continued Adventures of Ferdinand the Ostrich

Ferdinand found a mountain and landed on the very top. He found a pine tree and landed, and looked out at the world. From there, he could see that the waiter had finally made it to the jail. Then he had a big smile on his face. He decided to go down the mountain for lunch and he came upon a nest. Then after he ate, he busted the waiter out of jail. Ferdinand felt so bad that he spontaneously burst into flames and a phoenix with a mustache took his place. Afterward, the waiter went into the ocean and then Ferdinand went after him, but then an octopus caught him!

But it turns out the octopus was being chased by a shark!

What if the shark caught the octopus and bit off his legs, the octopus would not be able to float so it would sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Suddenly, when the octopus fell to the bottom of the ocean, a little tiny sand crab came out of the sand and that was Ferdinand.

And he found out that lurking nearby there was a predator that might eat him!

Ferdinand went over to a big rock tunnel and he noticed there was a big bear inside the tunnel and started running, because inside the tunnel was a mama bear and three cubs. He flew up the trees and I’ll take you in my car, I’ll take you to the zoo. And he got captured in the zoo. 

Congratulations to the Walk4Literacy writers of Cesar Chavez Park!

The Continued Adventures of Ferdinand the Ostrich

When Ferdinand and Johnny woke up in the morning they were so happy to be together that they decided to celebrate by taking a road trip. They went out to the car and…

They fell into a deep, never ending puddle. Ferdinand saved them from falling, and Ferdinand said, “Let’s go on the rest of our adventure.” Then there was an earthquake and the ostrich had to get them out.

Ferdinand and Johnny went to McDonald’s to go exploring, but they got lost. They found a wolf in the woods.  They ran away from the wolf and hid in a huge tree for about twenty minutes, they were so scared. When the wolf went away, they got out of the tree and walked.

They asked hedgehogs where they were because they got lost.  The wolf came and huffed and puffed their house, he was trying to break into their house!  Then the wolf blew the house down!  He scared Johnny and Ferdinand away, he was a big black wolf.

So Ferdinand and Johnny ran back home and went right to sleep.  They didn’t know, but they had left footprints, and the wolf followed them and found them at their house. He began to stake them out while gathering his strength so he could blow their house down. 

Johnny got up to get a glass of water and he saw the wolf! He got so scared he fainted!  Ferdinand heard a loud crash so he ran downstairs…. he got downstairs and saw that Johnny was missing and that the door was open, so he walked outside and he saw wolf footprints. 

He walked to the woods and heard a loud scream.  He panicked.  He tried to rush toward the sound and once the wolf saw him, he started walking toward Ferdinand.

The wolf was gonna try and eat them!  But the wolf ran straight into a fire on the way to catch them and singed his tail.  So Ferdinand found Jonny and started to run the other way.  Then they started walking until they were far enough away. 

They decided to walk to the circus and they found a bear. They saw a robot too!  He was flying in the air!  They were watching so closely they accidently broke a flower pot.  They were very thirsty from all that running, so a friend gave them some water to drink, but then he got mad.  Then a lion came and a cat fell by a man on the couch.

At the circus they saw lions jumping.  Then they went home and they played piano together.  And they sang “Let it Go.”  Then they played with Lego and made a red car.  After they were done playing, they had a snack of dry Cheerios.

The next day Johnny went to school.  He was a 6th grader, he wanted to talk to a girl.  While Johnny was at school Ferdinand sat at home being bored.  Johnny was in love with the girl.  When Johnny got home a situation ensued.  Ferdinand said that Johnny cared more about the girl at school than his best buddy Ferdinand.  They fought and decided to go their separate ways.

Ferdinand went off with Gobbles the turkey and Johnny went with Adrianna from school.  But then they realized that they shouldn’t be fighting and trying to make each other jealous, they should try to work it out and live their lives.

Then the wolf—who had still been tracking them—decided to come to their school. Johnny was at school playing tag when the wolf jumped in, and they made friends!  Then they took a nap because they were tired from playing tag.

When they woke up they met a new friend, but then the friend didn’t want to play with them anymore.  Her name was Elizabeth. They got into a fight because Elizabeth didn’t want to play with them. So they went home.  When they got home they looked at the clock and it was 3:30 p.m. so they decided to go eat spaghetti and meatballs.  Then all of a sudden, the table got knocked over, and the table and the flower vase got broke. So Johnny picked up the table and fixed the vase with glue. Then he went to go play with his toy train.

Ferdinand and Johnny found a queen in a mushroom patch and they started talking to her.  Then they went home and started playing tag.  Meanwhile, a fox was thinking about what he should eat for lunch.  So, the fox left his house and went to Johnny’s house but Ferdinand and Johnny hid in a pond. 

Meanwhile, two skunks were in a hot air balloon, but the air started coming out!  The two skunks fell right near a bear so he started trying to help them fix their hot air balloon.  Once it was fixed they went on another ride.  The fox was running around for a long time trying to find Ferdinand and Johnny.  Somewhere else, a platypus was trying to go to bed.

Finally the fox went away so Ferdinand and Johnny could go home and play with their robot dog.  They were playing tag later that day and knocked over the table, a cat looked through the window to see what all the commotion was about.  The robot dog started freaking out and knocked over a lot of things!  Then a robot bird started going crazy too!  Platypus was trying to check his mail but picked up a leaf instead.  The queen was looking for her bird and picking flowers for Ferdinand and Johnny on the way.  Then a raccoon came along and knocked over the Queens throne.

The Queen had a bunch of presents next to a tree. The gifts were from raccoon.  So the Queen used her magic wand to summon raccoon and gift him with a trip to see the whole world.  Later, three little girls got stranded and Johnny and Ferdinand helped the girls by bringing them back to the shore, but it started raining right then. 

They all climbed a tree so they wouldn’t get wet and made friends with a mom squirrel and two baby squirrels. A big wave crashed on them and the two friends were separated.  So Ferdinand was looking for Johnny later but couldn’t find him because of the flood.  Once they were reunited they made a boat out of paper and string.  It just so happened it was both of their birthdays!  So they ate chocolate cakes with eight candles in each. 

When they got home they found their birds going crazy and pushing all the buttons in sight! They got an invitation to a picnic with a king. They went and had fun. When they came back they told others about the picnic, so then the others wanted to go on a picnic, too, and do so while eating pizza.

A waiter brought them water, they then went to bed. The picnic was their favorite. When they woke up they met a different grumpy waiter. He dumped water on Ferdinand because he was jealous.  Ferdinand in return, pooped on the waiter, and then the waiter ran off.

Ferdinand flew the waiter to jail, but they were interrupted by a big lightning storm, and they fell into the ocean.  A shark started swimming towards them. All of a sudden they saw a tail flick out of the water in the opposite direction.  A girl’s head popped out of the water!  It was a dolphin mermaid, and as soon as the shark saw her, he swam away.  The shark was so scared of dolphins and girls! 

Ferdinand found a mountain and landed on the very top and found a pine tree and landed and looked out at the world.  From there he could see that the waiter had finally made it to the jail. Then he had a big smile on his face.  He decided to go down the mountain for lunch and he came upon a nest.  Then after he ate he busted the waiter out of jail.  Ferdinand felt so bad that he spontaneously burst into flames and a phoenix with a mustache took his place.  Afterward, the waiter went into the ocean and then Ferdinand went after him, but then an octopus caught him!

To be continued…

Congratulations to the writers of Fairytale Town’s ScholarShare Literacy Festival!  

The Wild Adventures of Ferdinand the Ostrich

Once upon a time, Johnny, a six year old, had a pet ostrich. He loved this ostrich, Ferdinand, SO much… but one day Ferdinand disappeared. Where did he go?

Poor Ferdinand! He was so scared and lost because he wanted to find his boy. Ferdinand went to the big city to go find a job. Instead, he found a mushroom in a bathroom – a secret, scary, magic mushroom that he sold for $1,000. He ran back and looked for Johnny and his mom, but he was lost. He looked high in the air, and then he fell in a big black hole, and wandered around in space.

Now he was looking around for food, when he found a bright light on how to get out. A deep thing was at the bottom of the hole. Treasure!

He blankly stared as he opened the treasure chest—there was a hole! He looked inside it and couldn’t believe what he saw; he poked his head down a little bit further and was SHOCKED.

He found a baby ostrich.

He asked it, “How did you get here?” But just then, Ferdinand was captured by a cat on stilts. They climbed out of the hole and left the baby ostrich behind.

The cat took Ferdinand to a birthday party where they just played games. He found balloons and the balloons were going to fly away. Nearby two skunks danced as the balloons floated off to the store.

So, the cat on stilts and Ferdinand bought more balloons, pink ones, and more and more.

Ferdinand left the skunks behind and floated up into the sky. He saw his home through wisps of clouds. A flock of birds came by and popped the balloons, so he fell down and landed on a pile of rocks.  He continued on to find a grove of trees.

In the grove of trees, he found a home. Inside a squirrel ate some nuts. Then, he saw a table with a lot of food on it—chicken and rice and corn. He had stumbled upon the squirrel’s family! He becomes friends with the squirrel and asked if they could be friends. They sat down under the shady trees and played tag.

Ferdinand was hungry and ate a lot of fried chicken. He drank some water and then played a big piano! He made his own song and showed all his friends. His friends had guitars, xylophones, and drums. His band practiced their instruments to prepare for an outside concert that was coming up. They made a great big team! Ferdinand started singing his favorite song, dancing to the grooving tunes!

After the big concert, a mystery man heard their song and tried to find who wrote it. The mystery man walked around whistling the tune; Ferdinand had a bad dream about the man.

The mystery man shared the song with his other friends in San Francisco. The man sat down to rest since he’d been traveling all day, and had performed in a play earlier. He found Ferdinand in a bush nearby. Oh boy!

The mystery man was going to do something bad! He was going to attack Ferdinand. But Ferdinand surprised him. . . the mystery man’s identity was revealed by none other than our friend Ferdinand. It was Jamtha Jamtha Winterchat. The tall man walked around the city and stole money from the bank. It started raining outside; his long, tattered coat was soaked. Both he and Ferdinand stomped in the puddles.

All of the sudden, Jamtha Jamtha Winterchat got shot in the side. A stone thrown by an invisible hand also hit his shoulder. From behind, he is bumped with a bat. Then, Ferdinand started to play with dolls. Whining, he wiped tears from his cheeks because he was scared to go on a hot air balloon ride he was scheduled to be on. Then, he disguised himself as the mystery man.

He found pigs near the mushrooms that he had stumbled upon. The mystery man couldn’t find Ferdinand, but Ferdinand made friends with bright pink pigs. Later they listened to classical music at a concert in Sacramento. The music was beautiful. The elephant was playing the trombone. The music could be heard from the castle. All of the people in the castle, the king, queen, and princess went to see the concert soon after.

The royal family befriended Ferdinand and invited him and the elephant trombone player to the palace. They met a crab friend at the beach while on vacation. After the beach, they had a sleepover. Ferdinand met with the queen and king to plan a party to celebrate all the fun they had together. They gobbled chow mein and other Chinese food. Rainbow balloons lined all of the ceilings and hung from the chandeliers.

Next they had cake with chocolate ice cream. Then the ostrich met Alex the owl. They decided to play. They rode the swings at the playground. They went to the circus and saw monkeys and dogs. They met a robot at the circus.

They went to the circus, and met a monkey, a dog, and a robot. Ferdinand fell from the tightrope and landed on an apple when a guy came and took his picture. Later, Ferdinand went outside to play soccer, no wait, and baseball when he decided to visit the library. There he met a man and together they read some books. Ferdinand played with the man’s children, too.

When Ferdinand woke up in the morning, he said, “I need to find my family.”   But as he was getting up, he bumped into a cactus and got pricked by a lot of needles.  He went to the doctor to be healed.

But, alas Ferdinand fell into some water and was attacked by sharks! He returned to the hospital because he lost a lot of his feathers. He got a few Band-Aids.

He looked out from the hospital and saw a cat that had tried to eat him, so he ran away and played with one hundred dogs at the park.  He fell and started to drown in a puddle, but was rescued by a lifeguard. His wish Johnny, his human, would come to see him and say I miss you.

But just as he was feeling better, he became stuck in a pile of Jello that was in the middle of the park! He had to eat his way out. The playground had turned into a candy wonderland!  Ferdinand walked into a marshmallow cactus. He tried to eat it, but it was stale and hard and he couldn’t bite into it. So, he used his sharp wings to slice it open when chocolate milk came pouring out. It was going to drown him, so Ferdinand ran super fast and bumped into a gigantic elephant. The elephant became angry and chased Ferdinand.

Ferdinand said, “I accidently ran into you because I drank too much chocolate milk.” The Elephant then offered him a ride and off they went to Paris. The Parisians were shocked to see a talking Ostrich and a gigantic, talking elephant. The paparazzi started taking pictures, click, click, click. Soon a government limo pulled up to interview Ferdinand and Ferny the Elephant. They wanted to know how they could talk. Ferdinand said it came naturally to them. Then the government wanted to experiment on them, so Ferdinand and Ferny the Elephant flew back to New Jersey. But the French government pursued. Out of nowhere, Ferny’s friend, a dinosaur, appeared and told the French government to leave Ferdinand and Ferny alone. The dinosaur roared and everyone was saved.

The French government had a female elephant named Precious, which made Ferny happy. Ferdinand said, “I’m sorry Ferny I didn’t know you thought she was pretty, so let’s go back to Paris.” 

The two friends had to try to find a way to sneak her out of Paris. As they were trying, the government men woke up but Ferdinand and Ferny were hiding. Precious heard rattling. Ferdinand snuck up quietly and hopped up on her back. Ferny was surprised to see Precious, and they hugged.

Ferdinand was feeling alone. Ferny and Precious hid in a zoo, pretending to be normal elephants that ate hay. Then Ferny and Precious escaped to the wilderness!

Ferdinand went on his way and found a robot friend named Oralia. Oralia and Ferdinand went to the park and ran and jumped and yelled. They found a cat named Holly. Ferdinand caught Holly and they fell in a pond and swam. They went into a time-travelling submarine and went back in time to when he was a newborn ostrich.

Then he went back to the present and back to the park and zoo. Ferdinand went to his Grandmother’s house and ate dirt for dinner. Ferdinand met a cat named Catter but just then a thief kidnapped Catter. Ferdinand went to rescue him and had a lovely time.

There was also a chicken in the submarine named Chickenman. Chickenman and Catter met a fish. The fish was in danger of being eaten by a shark. They got a fish tank to rescue the fish and kept him safe in a “Midnight Zone” where the fish made its own light. They passed the sunlight zone then the twilight Zone and then the Midnight zone.

Ferdinand went back up past the twilight zone and headed home. On the way he broke a vase, got a fiddle and started to play when he turned into a robot. He rode a robot dog named Ted and together they went to the castle. Ferdinand and his robot dog went to the store and bought a toy elephant, then went on a plane. They met a platypus, but the platypus was sad because he lost his sweater. Ferdinand helped him find it.

In the end, Ferdinand went to pick red apples. He ate all of them and felt happy. It was then that he met a princess and a pig. The princess’ name was Issa. They had dinner together—ate a frittata and then washed the dishes. Afterward, they enjoyed ice cream cake, because it was chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

While Ferdinand was taking a bit of the delicious dessert, he remembered his human, Johnny. Johnny was probably sad and it was probably time for him to go back and cheer up his friend. It had been a wild adventure.

Meanwhile, Johnny was back home, crying on his bed, when his hand flopped over the side. Something soft and small rubbed up against his palm and five fingers. He looked down… it was Ferdinand! Johnny, pulled his little ostrich up in his lap, and said, “you must have been lost under the bed. I’m sorry.”

Ferdinand cozied into Johnny’s arms and wanted to tell him about all the animals and adventures he’d been on, but decided to just be quiet and enjoy the time with his human.