916 Ink Makes Comics 2


916 Ink Makes Comics 2


Mermaid marriage, magical monkeys, haunted houses, and tales of twins abound in this 44-page comic book! 

The results from 916 Ink's comic book program inspired youth writers in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at Capitol Heights Academy. Together they created pitches and wrote the scripts which attracted the artistic talents of some of Sacramento's most exciting comic book artists and creators.

100% of the proceeds from this comic help to fund the 916 Ink comic book program reach new students and new voice.

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The young scholars of Capitol Heights Academy have joined forces with 916 Ink and a dozen artists to create 916 Ink's second comic book!

Featuring the artwork of:

  • Julie Okahara 
  • Adam McLearan
  • Jared Konopitski 
  • Mike Gray
  • Sarah Kraft
  • Mario Estioko
  • Jon Williams
  • Sean K. Sutter
  • Michael Calero
  • Michael Dorman 
  • Robert Love