Bring Your Class to the Imaginarium!

916 Ink offers a 3.5 hour creative writing field trip experience for grades K-12 in our Imaginarium creative writing space located at 3301 37th Avenue, Sacramento.

Students will enter the 916 Ink Imaginarium where they will explore a world designed to excite and inspire their creative resources.

After a brief orientation about 916 Ink and its methodologies, students will embark on a journey through the creative process, ending as they transform into published authors.

During the first portion of their visit, students will learn the elements of poetry by way of a group creative writing prompt designed to tap into their imaginations. Students will have the opportunity to share their contribution to a final group poem with their peers in a positive environment, free of criticism.

After the first 90 minutes of programming, students will break for a sack lunch (weather permitting in our picnic area/writer’s garden).

During the second portion of the field trip, students will learn the elements of story by way of a group creative writing prompt encouraging them to write a piece of fiction together. They will also begin the final stages of becoming a published author.

With the aid of the 916 Ink Wordslinger and Inspirators, students will be walked through the revision process as they get a piece as perfect for publication as possible.

Teachers will be present but not required to participate during the workshop, a workspace will be made available for teacher use while the students participate in the program. Additional chaperones will not be required for this field trip.

One month after the field trip, 916 Ink staff will arrive at the school with copies of their anthology. Each published author receives TWO FREE COPIES of the zine (staple-bound book). The school-site will receive five copies.

Imaginarium Field Trip Logistics:

  • 35 students per visit (maximum)
  • Perfect for all ages (K-12)
  •  Arrival: 9:30am
  • Departure: 1:00 pm
  • Cost per trip: $1200

*Not sure your program or school can afford a field trip? If you have limited funding we may have opportunities available to subsidize the cost, please let us know in the message if this is the case and we will do our best to help! 

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