Together We Can Help Our Region's Youth Find Their Voice

The literacy revolution is fueled by generous giving from people like you. We do our best to keep our workshops free, especially when serving marginalized or under-served youth. 

We've published more than 3000 young writers in 100 books & zines and we want to publish thousands more. But it's not just about publication. It's about letting kids get in touch with their unique voice and helping them find the confidence to share it. Each student in our program receives positive feedback from peers that cements the belief that others value what that unique voice has to say. 

Read on to see the various ways you can help! 


Ways to Give


Every academic year high-need schools request a 916 Ink program, but are unable to afford one by themselves. The inaugural edition of our "Publishers Club" will solve this problem, helping us reach as many as 300 additional students through up to 10 new programs we couldn't otherwise fund. The club will consist of our first 50 donors who give $25 or more per month, creating a $15,000 annual fund that will be leveraged along with grants and other funding sources to make these new programs possible. 

Members of the Publishers Circle will also receive exclusive 916 Ink swag! 

  • Hardbound 1st Edition copy of 916 Ink's 100th Anthology
  • One 916 Ink publication mailed each quarter
  • Mistah Complainah's "Writer for Life" Publishers Pen 
  • 916 Ink Writers Journal

We depend on the generosity of individuals to provide the critical bridge funding that makes many of our programs possible. While 916 Ink would love to provide free programs to all interested schools, these costs rarely are completely covered by grants, leaving the school to make up that difference. Sometimes, schools cannot cover these additional costs. Usually, these are the schools that need 916 Ink the most. 

Every cent of your donation goes to helping the children at these schools discover the power of their voice through creative writing, and they would not have that opportunity without you.


All donations are final.

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  916 Ink is a certified United Way agency   and accepts corporate donations through United Way

916 Ink is a certified United Way agency and accepts corporate donations through United Way