Congratulations to Arthur A. Benjamin Health Profession
High School's newly published young authors
for their work in Myth and Marrow

On April 19th we had the great pleasure of hosting another wonderful group of newly published authors at our Imaginarium. They shared their heartfelt words and unique voice with a crowd of peers, parents, and the community, some speaking publicly for the very first time. The audience cried, laughed, and rejoiced in the shared stories featured in Breath and Bones: Myth and Marrow.  

Creative Writing Advisor, Teacher and Veteran Wordslinger Deborah Meltvedt led this group to success in Health Professions High School’s 6th publication. Many thanks to Golden 1 Credit Union and The National Endowment for the Arts’ Art Works Grant Programs for supporting these confident young writers, and now, published authors.

Myth & Marrow
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Our Home

Daisy Vue


I swam away from the place I used to call home.

I swam to a new place that I still don’t call my own.

I stay here to grow and gain strength,

but I must swim back to pass it on for a new generation.


I go back through the obstacles of death. Oh no my friend, I will forget.

Something inside tells me to move forward.

Now it’s time to jump, but outside this water is not our savior.



travel is the only thing on my mind.


Oh, here we are. Finally we can give birth to the children who will

fight to survive. I can’t stay to see them grow

because my skin is now decaying. But here my children will stay.

The place I call home.

The river my children will remember as their own.