916 Ink at Your School

Students enrolled in our school-site programming will work on writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction with 916 Ink staff and volunteers. All our staff and volunteers go through extensive training and a formalized criminal background check. Our volunteers are often writers, artists, and educators. During the program, your student(s) will choose 1-2 pieces of theirs to have published in an anthology of student work. Each student will receive two free copies of their book and will be invited to a book release and reading party. These parties are a chance to show off the outstanding work they've produced to all of their friends and family, where food and drink will be provided, usually 6-8 weeks after their program is complete.

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Please provide information about the student population you would like us to serve? Demographics: percentage of FRPM students, percentage of Foster Youth, percentage of ELL students, etc.
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School-site programming takes place with the cooperation of school administrators and staff. Programs can take place during or after school, once or twice weekly, and are typically held for 8-12 weeks. The length and set up of a program is usually based on school scheduling and funds available. Each creative writing session lasts for 1.5 hours.

All programs include opportunities for students of all ages to learn about storytelling, poetry, creative non-fiction, writing craft and the revision process. 

The Cost of a 916 Ink School-site Program?

  • $250-$300 per student.
  • Includes all supplies, completion certificate, t-shirt, 2 free copies of published manuscript.

How Can My School Raise the Funds to Provide a 916 Ink Program?

  • Ask your PTA or other school-site council.
  • Approach your school administration for funding through Title I, Enrichment Funds, Literacy & Arts Education Funding, Foundation funds.

School Fundraising Programs

  • Make an upfront investment in a 916 Ink program and purchase the finished manuscript at our printing cost to sell to cover the cost of programming.
  • Utilize your existing fundraising structures.
  • Host a write-a-thon! Calculate the total number of hours that students will spend writing during the program and have students get sponsors to cover the cost.
  • Small Grant Opportunities for Schools to cover the cost of programming.

*Homeschool Co-op or Charter School Programming: 916 Ink can become a vendor for your Charter or Homeschool oversight body.